The Info Page!

Hello, my name is Nighthawk! Thistlestar told me something about you coming. Well, I'm here to show you around this page. Here is the What's Happening page. It tells you what happened on Moonclan at the end of the day. It's helpful if you miss a day or two. Questions? Ask Thistlestar in her den. See you around!
Gathering tonight! Moonclan will host, but I will keep you informed on times. I did some updates! Also, please welcome Birdstalker and Frostheart to Moonclan. Keep everyone coming! I still need a few profiles. Please see me if you notice your cat not there!

More members are coming back! There are a few updates on the 'Cats Of Moonclan' page. Please tell everyone that we're re-opened!
~Thistlestar and Bubblestorm

More members! Bubblestorm is setting up a patrol. (Also, Lightning, I'm confused on weather it's a cat or a fox in the nursery. Please clarify with me in my den.)

The time has come! (A little late!) The Twilight Saga Eclipse is almost upon us! What? You don't care? Well tough, because the customary countdown is up on the home page for those of you who DO care! And then those neat widgets from my always favorite, The Twilight Guide! Those are fun! With love,

Lillyleaf has joined us again! We're getting bigger again. Remember to tell your friends that we're back. Also, if you intend to quit, please let me know. A few site updates are up. Everything is normal. Bladwind fell! (Surprise, surprise I know. :] ) Ither than that, everything is A-Okay. :) Have fun!

We welocme a new memeber to the clan, the spunk she-cat Suneyes! Please say hello if you see her in camp. We also have a few updates on the 'Cats of the Clan' page. I still need profiles from Lightningpool, Coldhawk, Cresentpaw, Flowerburst, Featherstream, and Icethorn. Oh, and if you don't see your profile there, please message me in my den. Thanks!

Say hi to our newest member, Twigpaw! You can see his profile in the apprentices section. I am not accepting new cats anymore for a while. We'll see how many more cats we can get back first. Robinsong is Twigpaw's mentor. I'm looking over new features to add to Moonclan, and I'll be busy the next few days. If you need anything please find Bubblestorm! Oh, and Heatherclaw is taking Rainpaw to train. Later!

Hi everyone, there isn't much news today. I just wanted to post that picture up because today it is exactly one year when we lost the King Of Pop. Right now I do have contact with one of his brothers, if you'd like to send a condolence to him, please messege me in my den and I will make sure he gets it. Thanks.

Hello everyone! Nothing much is happening. Please welcome Eternitystripe, our soon-to-be new warrior. The site will be closed July 3rd to July 6th. Thanks!

Wow, I'm behind. Anyway I'm going to start deleting characters so we can start over fresh. If you want to join and you have been deleted, please make a new cat. Thanks! Oh, and I'll be very busy for the rest of summer, so progress here will be slow. If you need anything, please ask Bubblestorm.  Lightningpool: If you are going to continue playing with you and your kits, please let me know. I'll need your profile if you are. I also need to see Icethorn in my den.
~Thistlestar and Bubblestorm