The other clans? What other clans?

Yes, there are other clans. If activity in the clans rises, you'll be the first to know on the What's Happened page. My name is Sandleaf and this is the page all about the other clans.  It's mostly for apprentices and mentors so they can teach the area. The leader and deputy, territory span and prey type will be here. All you need to know if you are in battle, going off to the territory, something like that. (Note: The other clans are under construction and having trouble right now. This page is in-updated.)

Clan: Rainclan
Leader: Hyacinthstar
Deputy: Crimsonheart
History: Rainclan has been called weak and fearfull, but they have faced hard times. They are calm and relaxed when it comes to talking to other clans. They have been found very hungry and Moonclan is worried they will end up stealing prey.


Hyacinthstar is a kind and thoughtful leader who cares for her clan only. She sometimes gets wraped up in things and it hurts the clan, but she is young and learning. Most cats are doubtfull about her leadership, but she is doing her best.

Crimsonheart wants a mate and kits badly, because he likes other cats, especially kits. He is  muscular and strong and loves to swim and hunt in Snail River.  He is a kind, friendly cat, who would do anything for his clan. We hope he will be a good deputy.


This territory map shows the basics of Rainclan camp. None of us ever ventured too far in.... The paths are according to color. they show what clan takes what path to get to Fourtrees, but those are in Moonclan.

Clan: Riverclan
Leader: Bubblestar
Deputy: Wildwoods
History: Riverclan is in alliance with Moonclan, but could break any day. They are peace loving and caring for other clans. They even bring prey to gatherings. Their territory is plentiful and calm. Medicine cats don't mind meeting up with each other there. The leader and deputy are caring and hard working. They make sure everyone is fed and happy. The border patrols are clam and catious, but don't assume. They hate a surprise.


Bubblestar is calm and reliant. She likes peace, but will do anything to protect her clan and kits. She is very proud but she cares enough to  do what's necessary for Riverclan.


Wildwoods was named after the mysterious place she was found in the forest around the time she was born. She is loyal and a great hunter. You could trust her for anything, and she likes to help. The whole of Riverclan admires her likability and good vibe even though she is young.


The territory is vast and usually gets the most snow in leaf-bare. It is blustery and cold, but full of prey all year round. Except the river, which freezes over. They follow that white path to the Thunderpath, then to the Fourtrees.

Clan: Sunclan
Leader: Rabbitstar
Deputy: Sparrowflight
History: Sunclanclan is coming to the realization that life in a clan is hard. They have gone through hard times and have a warrior, a medicine cat and one apprentice.  They have a kit with them too. The clan always tries to prove its strength and swiftness. The other clans don't bother them, but Sunclan always takes the most from the kill pile brought. They are not weak however, and train hard. Rabbitstar is very friendly and often welcomes you.


Rabbitstar is a sucker for deals, and they often lead his clan into trouble. He just tries to do what's best for his clan, but double guesses himself sometimes. He is a very good cat however and is trusted by many. Rabbitstar often helps his clan though, and they usually have enough to eat.


Sparrowflight is an interesting cat who is annoyed with her clan's condition, even though it is doing well. She is a great fighter and a cat no apprentice should take on. Sparrowflight wants to help, but is very cautious and continues to be this way since Warclan. She is sweet and kind as a friend.


The trail they follow gets them to the highstones then to Fourtrees. they have to travel the longest next to Riverclan to get to Fourtrees. The prey is low there and they struggle during leaf-bare. They have lots of running space however.