Our part of the forest

 Glad you made it. My name is Featherstream and this page has description and pictures of our own little forest. I'll see you around sometime!


This is the view looking up from our camp. Nice huh? I like to peer out in the night at Silverpelt. It's pretty then.

River View

This is the view of the river, standing off the edge of a clefs, a few fox-lengths away form the camp. Sometimes there are fish we catch in the river, and it's a good border marker too!

Main Hollow

This is the veiw coming into the entrance. Its pretty open, though many cats are in residence. Anyway, behind those rocks leads into a steep cleft where the nursery is. To the left are the thick branches that lead to the apprentice den. That's pretty sheltered and warm. If you walk back a little farther, the warriors' den is there.

The Waterfall

This is right next to camp, where we collect moss, and get our water. The kits like to play here, but it is only with supervision.

Training Hollow

This is down-river. It's where the apprentices and warriors go to train. Jumping across the river is great practice.

Overall Map

The blue is Moonclan's territory.The red is Rainclan, the purple is Sunclan and the yellow is Riverclan. Check 'The Clans Around Us' page for more info.